Ando In The News

Timeout · 10.11.16

The 100 Best Dishes and Drinks in NYC 2016

Your dentist is not going to be happy with you, or David Chang for that matter—through his delivery-only restaurant service Ando…

Eater · 09.26.16

When Restaurants Ditch the Dining Room

In a city where restaurants frequently blame closures on a brutal real estate market, a new solution has taken hold: Why not get rid of the dining…

Bloomberg · 09.07.16

David Chang on How Ando Delivery Could Save Restaurant Dining

David Chang is piling food from cardboard delivery containers onto a large plate for me. The founder of the game-changing Momofuku…

Mashable · 08.25.16

Momofuku's delivery-only app is expanding

Delivery is working for Momofuku. The popular New York restaurant empire just fully launched its delivery-only restaurant, Ando.

Mr Porter · 08.03.16

Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Eat In

The modern diner’s dilemma: what to eat tonight. That trendy new pop-up? Prepare to queue...

Spotlight · 07.25.16

29 Places to Get a Great Deal During Summer Restaurant Week

During Restaurant Week, you can visit some of the best, most coveted, and priciest restaurants in New York City...

InStyle · 06.04.16

How David Chang's Ando Is Changing Food Delivery in NYC

Earlier this year, restaurateur David Chang solicited applause and a few eyebrow raises from the culinary community when he...

The Verge · 05.16.16

Talking to David Chang about Ando, his delivery-only startup

Today, David Chang, owner of the Momofuku Group and patron saint of monosodium glutamate...

Eater · 05.16.16

David Chang Initiates Covert Ando Deployment in Midtown East

This is not a drill: The Momofuku team's top-secret restaurant Ando is now officially L-I-V-E.

Gothamist · 05.16.16

David Chang's Delivery-Only Restaurant Is Live With Fried Chicken & Ritz Cookies

David Chang's delivery-only restaurant Momofuku Ando—not to be confused with the David Chang-backed delivery-only...

The NY Times · 03.22.16

David Chang’s Next Restaurant, Ando, Will Be Delivery Only

David Chang doesn’t want you to know the location of his next restaurant.

Eater NY · 03.22.16

David Chang Is Launching a Delivery-Only Momofuku Restaurant Called Ando

David Chang has a secret subterranean space in Midtown where he's developing a delivery-only restaurant called Ando...

FastCompany · 03.16.16

An Exclusive Look At Ando, David Chang’s Top-Secret New Delivery Restaurant

First, the bad news: There’s zero chance you’ll ever be able to eat at David Chang’s new restaurant. But the good news...

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