Good food that makes you happy.

We deliver delicious, unique, high-quality food prepared by real chefs.

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Our Food

Why we serve what we serve

We believe food should make you happy. Our chefs use delicious ingredients and unique flavors to create different, yet familiar dishes, inspired by some of our favorite Asian and American foods.

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Hello, NYC.

We currently deliver in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

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Our Story

Fearlessly flavorful food, made by real chefs

At Ando, we think food should be fun. Yes, it should be sourced responsibly, made with best ingredients possible, and prepared by real chefs in a real kitchen. We believe this, and we take the time to make every ingredient for every dish we serve, every day in our kitchen.

We think food should be more - more than just a trend, a buzzword, or a ‘good’ thing you’re doing because you think you should. Ando is fearlessly flavorful - it’s food that makes you feel something. Remind you of a classic you loved, or surprise you with a flavor you’ve never tasted before. This is food you can finally be excited about eating.